Football Cheerleaders in the City

What kind of life on the football pitch, without these soccer cheerleaders and cheering team to cheer up the team? This can be an ordinary football game. Only a few people are watching and cheering, so sad. Why, then, girls are girls and women?

If you know Chivagirls at Club Deportivo Chivas USA (short format: CD Chivas USA or Chivas USA), which is a professional soccer club based in Carson, California, United States

The Chivagirls made fifteen beautiful ladies red uniform. They also got their own calendar page form just cheating on Chivas USA.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Marseille In 2008, a number of beautiful ladies start off as a cheerleader on the beach. Do you just wear two-piece dresses in red and pink and pom-poms hands who will not enjoy it? For some, watching these beautiful ladies may be more important than the football event itself.

Awesome joking poker players have also participated in various training sessions to satisfy the audience and show that the team with whom their cheers are the best. There is no joke when loudly shouting to people who are watching to know what they are. Taking these extra ordinary steps, risking life for the sake of the team.

If the football players are honored, these cheerleaders are so, they are part of the team. They may not play football, but they contribute to the team's success. How inspiring when the footballer himself got his girlfriend in the cheering team? Too bad for fans who loved the player.

Any work is important even if others are less important.

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