Football brothers

Do you remember the early 80s "The Blues Brothers" with Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi? The two heroes were able to overcome all obstacles on their way and avoid their pursuers in the last scene of the film. "They will never be used because God's mission" was the slogan of the film. The current Brazilian national football team playing in the German World Championship reminded Blues Brothers. Although samba music is loved by blues, it seems to be unstoppable, and although it is not God's mission, their religion is obvious.

Brazilian players often pray, and some of them wear T-shirts wearing religious slogans under their uniforms. Lucio, one of the best defenders in the team, was wearing a T-shirt, "Jesus Loves You" message in the final game of the last Yokohama World Cup. Kaka, a talented midfielder, has similar T-shirts while Colombian journalist El Pais says Ze Roberto wishes another midfielder to be the pastor of the Lutheran Church. Another Brazilian Luis Felipe Scolari, a national team coach in Portugal, has chosen a marienfeld training center for the 12th century monastery to visit and pray every morning.

Brazilians are not the only religious figures in the World Cup. Saudi Arabians who have reduced their prayer in the first phase of the World Cup five to three times have special roommates in their room furniture that point to Mecca to motivate their prayers. They also celebrated the first goal against Tunisia with a brief prayer of God. The Iranian national team asked for a special room in their hotel in Friedrichshafen to pray and to the surprise of their coach that they had been sleeping before their first play against Yugoslavia to attend a long, late-night Islamic celebration that mourned a seventh-century Shiite Muslim saint .

The organizing committee closed the chapels in the Olympiastadion in Berlin and the Veltins Arena in Geltenkirchen to avoid critique of religious racism, but the question persists: "Pray for prayer and strong faith in players? Performance?" The legendary veteran player, Pele, who won the cup three times, puts the question with his assertion. "I never prayed to win a game or get a score … My first concern was to stay healthy and then pray to God that a match does not finish the score (0-0)." Lucio, on the other hand, supports "the team that deserves the highest glory for God to be the champion of the 2006 World Cup." Time tells us which of the world championships this year will be the 2006 World Champion, but one sure. Football enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire the best footballers in the world. regardless of religious beliefs.

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