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The role of a football agent is to help the client market maximize their trading potential while protecting their needs in contract negotiations with their clubs or helping to relocate to an alternative club. The agent negotiates on behalf of clients between managers, club managers, and lawyers while advising his client about the opportunities available. The agent is also serious about managing your customers' public affairs, finances, and taxes.

The role of the agent was in line with the success of the English Premier League, and the clubs struggled and competed for the best players as the significant salary wage from SKY TV's money meant transferring power from clubs to players, of course this Bosman judgment has raised it, which means that players can freely transfer themselves at the end of their contract. This power in the hands of players gave agents the opportunity to maximize their clients' positions.

It is clear that agents are beneficial for athletes. The agent brings with him the skills that modern football does not have, such as business, marketing, law and finance. Professional football is a short career, and these men are a profession of elite, so they try to earn as much money as they can at this time. In this respect it is no different from the elite of other professions, bankers or lawyers.

But are there any agents for football? This question is much more difficult to answer and in most cases is likely to give a negative answer. The main advantage of the game is to help sell sports through its customers, David Beckham, for example through revenue growth, media attention, and interest in sports. However, there is a darker side for the game, which the agents reinforce. In every industry where there will be huge financial resources that will strive to subtract some of the resources. It is not the author of the article, but the agents engage in the transfer of players playing "middle men" who receive big sums (rumors in million pounds) when discussing players / clubs. The recent example of termination of Portsmouth FC reveals huge debts in the EUR 140 million region, largely due to payments made to agents, and even more due to paid astronomical wages, partly affecting agents' needs. Though the drugs can not be blamed in this situation in any way, this is perhaps an essential example of the direction of the game and the role of agents in modern gaming.

Whether individuals decide whether agents are good for the game or not, it is obvious that they have played a major role in developing the game for success in successful marketing success, it is obvious that they will stay here, perhaps their role may change in the future, if the financial benefits provided by the Football Association to their customers mean that players are happy to see their representatives.

Football Agents

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