Football 4-3 is defense

Today, most defensive coordinators will tell you that these teams are. This means that the ball is held along the side line and must be prevented from cutting the field.

All defenses also use the "Contain player" principle. The player that holds the player is the player who stops the spill. In the 4-3 defense, we say that on the defensive front everyone is a fun player and a player (on both sides) is a box player.

The boxing player simply boxes the game and forces backwards. Of course this is in a perfect world.

Many coaches use "Force" instead of "Contain" or "Box" because they want the player to force the ball to change the way in some way. Or the ball bearer needs to go back inside where he needs help or needs to bubble the ball trying to bypass the violent player.

If the ball driver is forced to repel, a chance from inside to get there. This also means that the player is closer to joining the sideline. The sideline is the 12th male in all football defense.

Protection 4-3 is a real protection. Each defensive player is responsible for the inner half of the subordinate gap. You have to run into the blocker, that is, the inside of the gap.

This gap is omitted "for the expansion of the air". Think about it when you put something in a zipper bag and clutches all the air before closing it. If the ball is pulled between the audience and the inner player, the ball should be continued in the worst case.

As players press air in the 4-3 defense, we build a defensive wall for the ball supplier to maneuver. You should not give up space to move the field. Even the slightest crease can cause a catastrophe. It takes only one player who can not pull out the air and get in trouble.

If all players do their job in building a wall, the ball goes on outside the spill and finally gets into the spare player or box player. The boxed player in defense is usually on the play side of Strong Safety or Free Safety. Use Quarters Coverage to introduce both security elements to run protection and create a 9 human face.

The final piece of the puzzle is the deep defenders. If we use Quarters Coverage, we have a 9-man front and two defenders who are always on the top of # 1 customers. These are the corners.

Any defender who is responsible for the deep zone of the field or who is locked in man for man's coverage can not be counted on your run. She is not in the spill and she is not the boxer. Our benders have the task of eliminating tricky passageways, games, and other games where large buyers can threaten even after the crime.

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