Fleur De Lis Facts

The rich and legendary history of Fleur de Lis is one of the best-known symbols in the world. The motif of lily or iris is coming to us from a distant past, and this day is still a mystery of the original.

So what do you mean? Basically, this is a stylized flower that is tied to royalty over time. Representing elegance and class, this durable emblem serves as a decorative element on T-shirts, jewelery and objects on Home Décor.

Where do you start and how do you use the symbol? Heraldry

While Fleur de Lis has appeared on many flags and European coats of arms over the centuries, it mostly relates to the French monarchy. Used as a dynastic symbol, Fleur de Lis dates back to the 12th century and has been adopted by noble families like the Bourbon Royal House.

The symbol for other European rulers and rulers is English and Scottish coronets, where Scottish royal weapons and Royal Standard design have played a prominent role since Scotland's James 1. What is the emblem symbolizing different countries around the world? Some interesting information about history. As the French colonists moved to the New World, the emblem would soon be linked to areas in Quebec and Nova Scotia, such as Canada and Louisiana, Louisville, Kentucky and New Orleans.

This symbol is also used in less traditional ways! After Hurricane Katrina, many New Orleans of different ages and backgrounds were tattooed as a French motif as a cultural symbol and a memorial to the storm.

Hurricane Katrina, governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, on July 09, 2008, signed the Bill with the law that the official symbol of Fleur de Lis is Louisiana. It is widely used in New Orleans as a symbol of bottom-up support for New Orleans Restoration. It occupies a special place in the heart of New Orleans . Modern Customs

Often, designer Fleur de Lis is still used today and the ongoing presence of heraldry in our daily lives. In this context, what does Fleur de Lis symbolize as different organizations still use this symbol?

For example, the official logo of Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps in Madison WI with members and past members is a sporty signature Fleur de Lis tattoo!

It also features the logo of various sports teams, such as the Fiorentina football team, the New Orleans Saints football team, the New Orleans Hornets basketball team, and last but not least the former Quebec Nordiques National Ice Hockey team

Another Fleur but Lis was also involved in military emblems such as the Canadian Expeditionary Forces of the First World War, the 256th Infantry Team and the Cadet Corps of Louisiana State University

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