Five things you have to see or do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a majestic land full of vibrant colors, with a simple but wonderful culture, budget-conscious activities and products (cheap stuff!) As well as full custom control to do what you want whenever you want. When I retire, I hope I decide to stay in a perfect paradise like this. There are so many things to do in the Philippines, so I narrow down the top five best things or see the objects in the Philippines. When I mention the prices, I'm about to convert it to dollars to keep it simple. Do not forget that I'm just math mathematics and I really do suck math

Just to let me know I'm 26 years old, so this article is about people in the 20s and 30s. In the Philippines there is a lot of history and modern day activities, so these are the most important things I enjoy, or at least I think everyone will see their lives at least once. Stay on the white sandy beach of Boracay on a weekend getaway.

2nd See Angeles City and Bar Girls.

3rd Jet Ski

4. Shoot Uzi

5. Visit the LA Cafe in Manila, Philippines

in Boracay at the sacred week when everyone is from school and work, is a terrifying experience. Friday and Saturday night the beach is particularly crowded partiers ready to experience the nightlife that Boracay offers. The whole beach is boasted by clubs and sellers selling fresh, fresh fish, jewels and clothing. The White House, Boracay, Philippines is a pleasant, affordable place to stay in a central location on White Sand Beach. Be careful when ordering fresh fish from the counter. Notice that the fish is sitting on ice and on top of ice. I know it looks fine, but the fish is approx. At 6 o'clock, you are ready to eat at 8 o'clock and there is no cooling, so fish is sitting on ice all day. In fact, not all fresh. Not to mention, all the ice from the ugly Filipino tap water – unfiltered. Trust me in this, stay away from tap water. He was twice sick of Philippine water. Once I was so suspended and dry that I did not even realize I was drinking a glass of water. He always wants to order bottled water. At other times it was on the Boracay Beach: I tried only two wafers, but my buddy ate a whole bowl so the ice on top was completely melted in the oysters. My buddy was more pain than I was, but he was still terrible.

I missed Friday night in Boracay because I was drinking glass. On Saturday night I was better, thanks to God, because everyone has to experience it. In a few meters there is another club that blows music with all dancers. I recommend the hookah bar and any club; it only depends on your taste.

Anyone traveling to different countries knows that there are red lights around the world. Amsterdam is the most famous, but not necessarily the best, as I learned after visiting Angeles City, the Philippines. I traveled more than anyone else, I know my time and I've never seen anything like Fields Ave., Angeles City, Philippines. It was crazy! On the whole street there are only slices filled with prostitutes, a ring place with the awesome gyro and the 7-Eleven. The best thing the Philippines is able to organize in the Philippines is prostitution in Angeles City. The girls receive a full STD check once a week. We went to the health clinic where we checked and every bar had another day of the week to go. Man, this place was busy and understandably because there are so many, too many, even if you've been living for more than a year. There are literally hundreds of such tracks. There is never a door fee or entry fee for access. The waitress will sit and you will usually be there. When you need something, just tell me. If you see a girl you love and keep in touch with, you can move her free to come and take a drink. The greatest and best place I've ever seen was Atlantis. It was three-story and had to have at least 200 girls and each one was beautiful. It's a bit more expensive, but it's worth it. Buying a girl for a drink will still not pay more than buy a drink in America. Now, when you buy a drink, about $ 1.50. If you buy a "Lady Drink", this is $ 3.00, but the girl gets half the money and drinks the drink. She sits down, speaks to you and rubs on you. It's cool if you find a good person who can be sarcastic. It's great fun to just talk to these girls and meet them. Some of them tell crazy stories. I can quickly ask personal questions like friends and family.

If you think you are joining a girl and you love him and ask him if you would like to go back to your hotel then you ask him serious questions. Tell him you like it and ask him if you want "Bar Fine". Or yes or no. She may not want to go home with you, she might be in her age, or she might be a "cherry girl", which means she is a virgin. It is important to be respectful and realize that these girls are not necessarily prostitutes. These places are like strip clubs, they just keep their clothes. They may give you flat dances (better than anything you can get in the States, and that's just a few bucks) or a drink with you and talk. If you say "yes" when you are asked if you want a "Bar Fine", continue with a few questions and tell him you are happy to have "Bar Fine", but you have some your question. Ask him if he is on the "man". So they understand their menstrual period. You do not want to come back to the hotel and find out you can not do what you want because it's bleeding. Ask him what time to go home in the morning. You do not want to leave that night (or maybe you), but it's better not to leave at 5 o'clock because you're a kid or something. If it is good to go, let the waitress know that they will cheat her. He will take the full bill. The $ 20- $ 25 cost is "a little money" for a girl. She will change and leave together. When you return to the hotel, you will both shower. Use condoms even if checked every week. Do not mess with your life. If it's on it, it's up to you. The next day will receive a half of "Bar Fine" when he returns to the bar in both directions. It is sad that these girls sell themselves and receive only about $ 10, but they only do two or three dollars a day if they do a normal job at the mall and work for another 13 hours. What would you do? Looking for much harder job for much less money? Many of these girls arrive from the province, which means they are coming from poverty, unlike American poverty. They come from distant islands or small villages and try to send money back home.

Horseback riding skis in Boracay is awesome! You feel like you are in a Jay Z music video. It's just the most amazing scenery to ride a jet ski. At that moment you can notice that you have died and gone to heaven. It is somewhat noticeable that you are on this tiny tropical island in the Philippines on the other side of the world and dancing with the nicest women and clubs. They like to dance. In fact, the three things they love in the Philippines are Obama, Hip Hop and Basketball. Anyway, back to jet-ski. A bit more than a dollar for a minute, but it's worth it. We applied for 30 minutes, but I think they gave us 45 minutes. It was a good time. I was done when I stopped. I got rid of the people. It's good to give others (or at least nobody yell at me) until everyone does the same thing. You should never go in the opposite direction.

My friends met a guy called George at their first Manila arrival. This guy is a cheater and everybody knows the city. First he tried to sell my buddies to some Viagra. By the way, tons of people sell Viagra and Cialis in the streets of Manila. Then George asked my friends if Uzi was to be shot. It attracted my friends' attention. – Hello, we're gonna shoot Uzi. George then took the weapons around the corner. This is probably the most expensive thing someone did during our trip. It costs $ 1 and will shoot Uzi. It's worth it because they have a fantastic story to tell people.

LA Cafe is a bar in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. This is where many girls hang out. Some girls work, but they do not spend us, because they are happy to hang out with some good guys. Take care not to get the seat. I came from three California with my friends. As we entered, every girl turned and looked at us. I'm 6 and # 7, and we're all white, so we went up everywhere where we went up to the VIP area (just a few dollars per person) and we got a table because that's what we always do, rarely get back to the hotel with my friends, I could easily mix it and leave about an hour and a half after I knew that her roommate was gone, so I had two friends in the bar and when I went I talked to a man and gave him $ 30 for drinks and I assumed that my other friend is in the bathroom, I was wrong, our other friend decided to leave without telling anyone, never do it, let the other people with whom you are together are either gone or decide to do something else … Otherwise my dad stayed alone in the bar and there were the girls who invited her "cousin" to drink and all drank wine and salads and then he was billing, and of course I expected my buddy to pay for it. The girls never pay for anything because they are broken. The bill was 5,200 pesos (over $ 100, not much of how much we drank). My girlfriend had only 5000 pesos and finally spoke of one of the girls to the other 200 pesos. He left the bar and brought three girls back to the hotel but complained that one girl had to pay 200 dollars and wanted my friend to repay him. He explained that he drank a lot of drinks and ate, so they had to pay and still paid far more than their fair share. Keep in mind that this argument exceeded $ 4. Then he pointed to the front door and said, "Well, there's the door." These girls are all whimsical, so be careful. Besides, it was a fun place to hang and play pool. We stayed at a nice hotel in Manila, Emita, a few blocks from the LA cafe and $ 100 a night, but in a living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with a queen sized bunk and two bathrooms, so I shared this with a man, and $ 50 / night.

The Philippines is a terrific place to visit. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for adventure. It's cheap, people are beautiful and natural beauty seconds. It is important that you always stay safe when traveling to the Philippines or any third country. See for more information on how to safely and have fun in the Philippines. There is also a video of Palawan which is another great place in the Philippines.

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