Father Ball – The Painful Reality of Youth Sports

What do I mean by the "father ball"? I refer to situations like baseball, soccer, soccer, hockey, basketball or any other competing youth sport where the parent is training the team and stretching his son where he is sporting. In short, the father's ball indicates that the coach's child plays his favorite positions or increased playing time, excluding competitors of other athletic talents.

After raising two boys I can say that it is not as painful as a game of coaching in the game to promote the talent of your own child. If you play a game and clearly turn around the trainer's son, unless he is the best athlete in the team, this daddy ball

In baseball, you can see that the father's ball coach fights in front of the big-hit players, , or they often play and do not get the job. In football, it is usually a matter of increasing the playing time, the position of the referee or running or in most short and targeted situations, especially with a boy who gets the chance of a hero and touches exactly on the trainer's son. 19659002] Regardless of sport, the concept is the same – when a child has a playing time or position that he or she is not looking for through his own hard work and athletic ability or if others who are able to work do not get the chance. Coach's son can play more – this is the father's ball

I think the coaches who play their sons upstairs, his sons, the other boys, the team and himself. What do I mean by this bold statement?

A coach who does not make his son's position practically led the boy to wait for something for nothing. As time went on, the boy expects things to be handed over to him and hardly encouraging hard work to defeat other young athletes and actually get what he gets.

Would this be the employee you want to hire at college? So I'm saying the coach, who did not really do his son in the team, cheated on his own son.

It's easy to say that other teammates who have higher impact averages or are able to play a different place are cheated because the coach's son had to play.

Young boys hold little; like their coach, when they get into work, they get good attitude and they can beat another kid – they deserve to play on the spot.

A coach who does not play the best boy for work on another agenda improves the ability of his own child, and does not have to prepare for the team.

Papa also throws a ball away from the team because when the boys are not played in a sporting way, the team is less competitive and the boys are less motivated. He came from a team that could not have been all.

Well, how does the father, who cheats on a father's ball, work?

A colleague who plays his boyfriend over athletes in his primary mission as a father is to properly prepare his son to leave the nest and stand on his own 2 feet. When children do not experience their own efforts and really compete, they suffer.

How to avoid the father ball?

The main way to avoid the father ball is to train the team with yourself. But if so, be sure to carefully assess the athletic ability of each child and play it accordingly to prevent him from falling into the role of father's ball as a coach.

The way to reduce the impact of a father's ball is that his son is a team whose son is the purest athlete of the team. In this situation it will be difficult for the coach to play the boy with more athletically inclined children.

Or if you can afford it, the best way to avoid the father ball is to play with your kids by a coach who has no kids at the team. This is a paid specialist or someone who really loves the game. If you choose a paid trainer, ask hard questions before the paid trainer before joining the team as some paid coaches appear to be compelled to dad helping the trainer or linking the team and finding your son in the same situation you tried to avoid it so hard.

I noticed that the father who plays a father's ball usually denys the situation. Typically, a boy has eyes on the team, their own. Some coaches feel that by training the team they have the right to play with their son wherever and whenever they want, and for the above reasons, find another team.

Talking to father's ball coach has little chance of success because it involves his own son. If you talk to the coach, be careful to talk about the facts and not the opinions.

In baseball, this means that you can keep statistics from yourself or from other objective measures depending on your sport and situation. You can give the coach the average of the schedule for all team players and get a message with the message.

Father's balloon is the best option for your child to finish the season and more carefully select another team next year

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