Fan Vs Supporter – What's The Difference?

I do not say that one is better than the other, only that there is an important difference.

What's the difference between the two?

Well, that's the words. The fan likes something, the supporters actively support. A regular fan will not lead 5 hours to support FC Bayern Amateure in the cold rain.

What do supporters support?

A passion. Recommendation. Loyalty.

Take a club like Bayern Munich. Most fans are in Germany, but only a small group of real supporters. Fans buy a lot of goods and visit domestic matches, and generally apply to the team, not to the club. The fan idolizes the players, but often knows little about the club's history. If a club does not work well, more and more places remain empty until the fans section is as full as ever.

The Mindest

The sponsor likes the club, not the team and the players. These are mercenaries who do not identify the club and, as soon as more money is offered, they will be handed over. The Sponsor is about this club, not the team.

A fan can see it as a hobby or casual entertainment. But the Supporters take it seriously. No matter where or when the club is playing or how important the match is, the Sponsor is there. Many times this means sacrificing other aspects of his life – work, school, family, friends. This is because there are reports of loyalty and honor that still make sense. The Sponsor protects the club's name, if necessary, without being in trouble
A Sponsor is a club lifestyle.

A Sponsor supports the team throughout the match regardless of the score or the performance. Because the team needs support if things do not go well. This does not mean that the discomfort can not be said. But support for the team always comes first.

Simply singing or yelling is not enough. You have to say all the words and have to sing all the singing songs with the support and the passion of the Supporter. Even if the players are not interested in the pitch, they are honored for the club and are performing the Honorary Achievement. Sing while your lungs are burning and you're ready. ] The fans are looking at everything that the club does objectively and is not afraid of criticism. Maintaining the Values ​​and Integrity of the Club and Resuming Their Action

If the club's decision conflicts with the Sponsor's ideas, but in the long run it will favor the club, the Sponsor must mislead his or her own interests.

Everything in the Supporters is the best interest of the club.

All these attributes are vital. I knew people who went to every FC Bayern match but did not support it. There were those who chanted passionately, but only cherries took a few games a year. Not to mention those who are too drunk to get into the stadium or those who just want to fight.

Unfortunately, the war continues against the German Sponsors / Ultras. The clubs want to replace us with clients who are knocking the money without asking or criticizing questions. The identity of clubs is slowly lost. But this is another article.

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