English Premier League

The Premier League formally sponsored by the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons. It's a British professional football club.

Twenty club tournaments in this league. The seasons are from August to May. Each team plays 38 games.

The competition started in FA Premier League on February 20, 1992. The first game took place on August 15th. Some Football League First Division clubs have decided to break away from the Football League to take advantage of the profitable television rights deal.

Since 1888, the Football League has maintained the England and Wales primary football competitions since 1888. Since then, the Premier League has become the most popular sports league.

This is the most paid football league. In 2005-06, combined club revenue was about $ 1.4 billion. Due to rising media revenues, it may increase to $ 1.8 billion in 2007-08.

Of the forty clubs, only four wins the premier league title. They are Arsenals, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Manchester United. Current champion of Manchester United. In 2006-07 they won the ninth title. No team won the title for this song.

English Premier League:

This is a series of organized leagues for English clubs. However, some Welsh clubs are in competition for the British Premier League for historical reasons.

There are about 140 league titles with around 480 sections. The system has an orderly arrangement for promotion and delegation between leagues at different levels.

The exact number of clubs changes annually. The clubs join, leave, or merge to create new teams. However, it is estimated that there are on average 15 clubs per class. This means that more than 7,000 clubs are members of the English Premier League.

Teams have three points to win and one point for the draw. Full points and goal differences will decide the team rankings. At the end of the season, the club with the highest points is the champion. The goal difference and the goals set will determine the winner if teams get equal points.

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