Does sport passion lead to violent behavior?

Nowadays, sport is a very large part of the media. We are not only interested in the current game but also a culture designed as a celebrity that impresses the players' lifestyle and relationship. This is especially true with footballers. They are looking for incredible income to do a job they enjoy and seem to have a wonderful lifestyle. However, football is also a very passionate game that can lead to negative connotations. The players themselves play passionately in the game and this can lead to violence and malicious attacks on the pitch and to get off on the pitch. Usually, the player's violence is not too severe and the referee can steer it, but fan violence is not that easy.

It is true that many sports are passionate fans, but why are football fans so much more violent? Maybe it's because football must be able to change a normally calm fan to an angry, abusive person if it is against you, but how? This brings out the emotions that are commonly not experienced in everyday life. Emotions such as anger, bitterness, greed, nutrition, relief, and extraordinary pride are all within a short time of 90 minutes. During this period, every conventional logic extinguishes the window, and at the moment nothing else matters. This is a very intense experience that is able to return a person to tribal or even primal behavior.

It is not surprising, then, that there is a direct link between football and violence. Although fan support and the pride of the team may seem innocuous, it is actually possible to pass through the realm of football violence. When emotion and passion are so close to the surface, sometimes the line of passion for sport and violent behavior is obscured. Fans spend a lot of time supporting their chosen team and often sacrifice other areas of their lives in order to show their commitment; so naturally we are full of emotions when we look at a game.

In some extreme cases cases of group football violence have gone into football hooliganism. In England football hooliganism is a major issue since the 1960s and the violence in football are still a lot of questions today. The term was created by the media and referents about intentional and deliberate violence, organized gangs (with companies) associated with certain football clubs and wars with other rivals' clubs.

Of course, this is a very extreme example of sportsmanship and there are thousands of devoted fans who do not engage in violent behavior and are no less passionate about their teams. Some passionate fans show their commitment to their team by devoting time to collecting signed memories or collecting the games from the games they have been involved in. If you are a passionate fan or a passionate fan, why not buy a signed souvenir for the collection? If you're looking for 100% genuine souvenirs, why not visit the Original Memories and browse the extensive collection of exciting collections.

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