Do you know the origins of basketball?

Do you know the origins of basketball?

The origin of basketball play is associated with Dr. James Naismith's name for a gentleman. In 1861, Naismith Almonte was born in Ontario, Canada. During her early days, Naismith played a game called duck, where a child tries to break a rock on top of a rock.

Later Naismith continued at McGill University in Montreal and later became the Athletic Director of McGill University. He then moved to Massachusetts's Springfield YMCA Training School, and in 1891 he started playing basketball.

Due to the cool Massachusetts site, Naismith had to find leisure activities that he could play from within and wanted a sport that would be able to develop skills that were not solely based on power. The first game was played with two purse basket for goals and a soccer ball.

In addition to his beliefs, Naismith became a physician of sport and a presbyterian minister. Naismith has seen his beloved basketball sport since accepting YMCA in many countries since 1893. The basketball sport was also brought to the Berlin Olympics in 1936. As we are talking about, the basketball game has become a very popular professional sport.

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