Cricket – India's Religion

When it comes to toys, Cricket launches to India, with the national ice hockey ball lag behind. People in the passion of the game are obvious in matches organized in India. So they say many times that cricket has achieved a religion status in India with millions of followers in her credit. The fan base crosses all the cultural and religious boundaries of the country. People are so passionate about the game that it is almost impossible for a neutral cricket viewer to come and enjoy the game. The crowd fills the stadium 5 hours before the match.

Various versions of the game with overnight games and 20 youngsters and test matches are enthusiastic enthusiasts of the game. The game, played mainly by 8-10 nations, is the rage of the Indian Indo-continent. People closely follow their favorite cricketers, and even a one minute incident becomes their most popular story in their lives. It may be interesting for the sports association around the globe that the boards of such a game are among the wealthiest in the world. For example, the BCCI (Indian Cricket and Control Directorate) is the richest in the world, the highest football clubs and the game played by almost every country in the world.

So natural is how to create a successful story with a game that only a few nations play, some of which are still a developing economy. But this is an eye-opener for them and the game's followers that there are very few spectators who testify at local or club level matches and only appear on international matches. Most of them come out on matches where the home team is playing and the home team wins. In many cases, India has lost the match and the stadium should have been evacuated as they were fired from the crowd and thrown bottles on the opponent's team. The frenzied celebration is after the game is won and the players burned after the players are lost. Thus, a fundamental question is raised whether the Indians actually love cricket play?

If the Indians appreciate the game, there are plenty of local club level matches and the level of these games will be higher. Unfortunately, this is not the case in India. It is true that people are crazy, but they want to win India. They can not appreciate the delicious stuff of the game, even if a home country wins to forget when it loses the game. This does not necessarily seem justified to a lover who loves an Indian zinc, but the picture will be clear when visiting other countries and sports.

For example, the stadium has full capacity at club level matches in England and Australia who remain to the end of the game. It is also highly appreciated by the opponents' players, which are just opposed to India, even though the opposition has taken a beautiful shot or taken a key gate. It's great to witness other games like tennis. This is a common example when people get together to evaluate a good game rather than a particular player. There are a lot of cases when Swiss maestro Ace Roger Federer is up for the shot, which is for Andy Murray of Wimbledon. The cricket game is ironically confronted by competitors other than the competition, such as one-day cricket threatening test matches, while the Twenty20 threatens each one.

So if Cricket's ambitions become a global game, be a bit more serious in a country like India, the biggest player in the game. Otherwise, BCCI's success story will be temporary and will only increase the emotions of the masses. The game needs to be promoted at the root level and then you have to go to the next level to make the nations completely new to the game.

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