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The following interview with coach Coach Bill Bratton, who was my football coach at Cross Keys High School in Atlanta, Georgia for the 1989-1990 academic year. I asked an interview to share your thoughts on football. He has been at Soccer for more than 25 years, so I chose his mind on the subject. Stafford:

Hello Trainer, has been training for high school football for over 25 years. How did you first start playing in the sport?

Coach Bill Bratton:

Hi Stafford and thank you. Well, in 1982, I started playing football at DeKalb County in Sequoyah High. The previous coach left the school and someone needed a coach. The boss offered me the opportunity to take over the program.


How was this experience for you and how did you prepare for this new role as a high school soccer coach?

Coach Bill Bratton: 19659003] I admit I've never played before and I did not train in football. In the off season I spent time preparing and learning reading books and clinics. I also admit that players knew more about skills, formations and play than I did, but that was the coaching organization to play as a team that was my strength.


How long have you been to Sequoyah and how did you get to the Cross Keys?

Coach Bill Bratton:

I was Coach Sequoyah for 4 years before DeKalb started the consolidation program and moved to Cross Keys in 1986. I learned the Keys program over the next 20 years. He has obtained a Class D Coach of Georgia and a National Coaching Class C license from the USSF. The Cross Keys situation was like Sequoyah, they needed a new soccer coach and the AP, who was the boss, offered me the position. Stafford:

What was the situation with Cross Keys and what did the program do?

Bill Bratton Coach:

He worked hard and disciplined to build the program. My job was to rebuild a program. He lost his organization, discipline changed and the program was not won, only 2 years after the third place in the state. We had to build discipline in the program and teach players what they play in a school racing team and needed to win. This development has taken many years.

Players would say "We want to play coach". Cross Keys was a very temporary school. Each year, they have been constantly rebuilding their progress. They did not understand how they should play as a team, have to practice, commit themselves, and succeed as a team. As I look back, it took 2-3 years. Once we reach the player's recurring points, I started diving into the players we won. They played in a competitive environment. If they just wanted to play, there were teams, club teams and other leagues that could only be "just play".

There are teams that could only be defeated by talent and skill so they had to start games. Players started to understand slowly, but they did not know why they played at a state championship, "but we started to win the game and it's time to get to the next level, 50-50 This level was still 3-4 years to go develop, constantly have to teach the troops that we were there to accomplish and we want to win the games and develop, after we reach the 50-50 game to win prizes we can not expect, our goal was to the final step in the development was to overcome the teams that no one is expecting from us, the ability, the ability to play and defeat anyone any day .. In the last 5 years at Keys we had two teams to reach the second round of the State Playoffs (sweet 16).

Stafford: 19659003] Awesome, here's an example I can see and learn a valuable lesson, give you an opportunity, Ra like you did not have experience in soccer, you've been trying to learn the subject by spending time "reading and writing, reading books and visiting clinics". and I finally mastered the knowledge I needed for high school football training I saw when my old high school intertwined with Cross Keys and finally played in my senior year. He seemed to be passionate about football and the knowledge of the game and the know-how that players were excited about in the game and the team's unity. But we did all this with our own hard work and effort. How important is "discipline" to a thrilling footballer and anyone in general?

Coach Bill Bratton:

Let me start by saying that discipline is an important feature of anyone. To achieve individual or team goals, self-discipline is needed. Discipleship can have many different meanings for all people. You can be committed to participating in exercises to overcome the preparation you are calling for. Discipline is disciplined because of the attainment of the goals and achievement of the goals. Some people say my team was disciplined. There is only one leader in a team who has to lead and lead the way they are expected from others. Others have to be ready to accept norms and work together for the benefit of everyone and not for the benefit of the individual. If the team is disciplined, many other honors will come.

For many years, as a coach, I tell the teams the goals, our goal we are trying to reach, and to reach these ideals on the same side. After a few years, there would be players who would be in conflict with the discipline over the season and feel that certain things are unfair. They question the goal, the set-up, the game style, or other team discipline. Of course, I try to talk to them, to explain what is happening and why, to listen to the picture side. I was always open when a player wanted to talk or discuss issues, but not publicly, either in practice or during the game. I remember a case where 5 players took out a game and disagreed with the decision to leave the team bench and stand on the stalls. These players were immediately removed from the team. Another year later, the players felt the formation they played and the players were in a bad position. This time I gave the team the opportunity to play through the players and the formation we felt we had to play. I said I have a party to show that I'm wrong, and if it does not work, I'll do the trip and there will be more debate and if you can not agree with my decisions, you will decide that you can only do it. The way the team did not work halfway. I told the team that I gave the opportunity, this is my goal now.

I've always told every team that I train (remember this) … I do not care who you are, I do not care how good you are (even if you're the best player) or who knows … If you have to be disciplined you must be disciplined. It does not matter how much it hurts the team, you know the rules, and you know if you're breaking the disciplined rules and disciplining you.


Thank you for the coach. Do you have the experience of Club Soccer (football outside the school system)? What's the problem with the clubbing and the high school football? For example, some players who play in the spring school in the spring may have club teams that play in the summer, fall, and even winter.

Coach Bill Bratton:

coached a year with the team of U-14 boys at the Roswell Santos Club Championship. We won the autumn and spring championships. A few years later I worked with Concorde Soccer coaching with a U-12 team for a year

If a player wants to see and dream of playing at college, then club system is the way to go. But keep in mind that this is for elite players. If they are enough, then there is a program that they can go through to achieve a higher level of play if they have the talent. First, a top level team needs to be selected to try out the state selection teams to achieve regional recognition, and so on. In the summer, they need to participate in a quality football camp to improve their skills and to see college coaches. In the high school, some champions look at high school programs and encourage players not to play on school teams due to lack of quality coaching, injuries, lack of talent, and low-level play from many schools. I encourage my players to find a club team to play off season because they can only help them improve. If they do not play in a club club, they encourage players to practice Cross Country to start developing their strength and, if possible, wrestle in the winter. Some players go to high school and tell them they can only play in a midfield or an outer wing position. I try to teach my players that although they played the center of their club center, they are very good at defending the school team. Players must be open and willing to play the position that will enable the team to be competitive and win.


Thanks for the trainer! For several years as a club leader, I can say that "some club coaches are watching the high school program and encouraging players not to play in their school teams about the lack of quality coaching, injuries, lack of talent, many schools." Not that I've ever done this statement. However, this statement may have been of some validity in the past, but you see this change as a new generation of teachers who may be secondary or high school coaches are actually former football players who are also teachers. High School Experience as a Career Opportunity for a Form of College / Professional Coaching? This may be the case with some private schools.

Coach Bill Bratton:

Yeah, I see this will be better. High school training has significantly improved the coach's knowledge of the game. High school teams, such as club teams, can offer community coaches to help coach teams and pay to pay. These individuals must adhere to the courses prescribed by the state to become community educators and follow the school, county and state rules as they can train. High school coaches who may be lacking in skills and ability to train someone to teach / develop player skills or develop strategies and tactical aspects of the game. This is what many club teams do now. They have a person running on the run, but he pays hundreds of dollars a month for a named / quality individual who was a player, etc. To actually do the coaching. Stafford:

**** Coach Bratton retired in 2006, but after 7 years he wanted to go back to coaching and took over the position of college boys at Fulton County (Georgia) as a community coach. It was great to talk to him after many years. ****

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