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Looking for Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs? If you are a goalkeeper who is looking for a job, please read it. There are two types of goalkeepers, experienced and inexperienced.


These goalkeeper coaches who played high-profile in their lifetime (professional) and now have their career ended, decided to pass young goalkeepers with goalkeeper coaches. This type of trainer is not really looking for goalkeeper careers for online jobs etc because usually they get to work with executives who know and trust him. If you tried to get into a professional football club, I'm sure you agree that it is very frustrating for boys to have jobs so to speak.

But just as in most trades, it works like a clown or boss who favors someone he knows and trusts rather than strangers! In professional football, managers expect the best goalkeeper coach for his goalkeepers, and he (I think) only selects a goalkeeper coach who has played the highest professional level. Want a DOER who does not treat walking professions as a theoretician.

Inexperienced Goalkeeper coaches:

These goalkeeper coaches who have never, or have just played, in the goal, or played badly for goal. These are GK coaches who will have a passion for the goalkeeper's training, but not sadly the right thing to do. For this type of goalkeeper, NO is possible but to look for goal coaching tasks online or in other media. I am sorry to be the bad news carrier but a chance for a coach who has never played a high level professional and then takes 1st or 2nd level that you are better off in a professional football club than zero!

If you're lucky, you can find a job at a football academy or center of excellence, but you have to spend several days on part-time wages! Who wants to do this? I know it's very frustrating for you if you think it's a great goalkeeper, but you do not get a chance, but that's the way it is in football.

Another problem, even if goalkeeper coaching work, only a handful of relevant GK training work is available throughout the UK and there are a few hundred goalkeeper coaches who are looking for a few goalkeepers. Another problem is the FA (Football Association), through their local county network, to leak out goalkeeper coaches, so every month the number of jobs is growing.


I've been involved in goalkeeper training for 20 years, and now I see it as a MASSIVE problem. So what can you do if an inexperienced goalkeeper coach is looking for goalkeeper coaching jobs? Unfortunately your choices are very limited, but here are some tips that hopefully help:

1. You can go abroad: Are countries like the United States struggling with a quality goalkeeper coach to be greeted on board?
2. Contact the holiday companies. Haven or Butlins. You need a coach for the holiday season.
3. Try to get a name for yourself, volunteering, with coaches in local soccer clubs.
4. See if the local government will hire you.

Sadly, I know this is not many options, but at least these options. Another thing you can do is to start your own goal coaching business, but once again you have to face great challenges. If you go online, you will see TONS in existing gate-keeping schools. Thus, they are not only competitive with multi-year (so credible) companies, but most goalkeeper training schools have ex-professional goalkeepers in the structure. Again, I have to be honest and declare that it will be difficult to compete as parents lose their children in front of an ex-professional who did not play the game professionally.

I wish I would have been more positive in this article by goalkeeper coaches, but I think the problems stem from the fact that the FA banned too many mediocre goalkeeper coaches getting the goal sign. Thus, he created too many goalkeeper coaches who fought for goalkeeper coaching jobs. If I can help you, please visit my website and send me an email. If I can help, I can.

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