Coaching Football Special Teams

I invited a friend who is the coach of the Big East Football team and we talked about his team of football team organizing special teams, who made some comments during the interview.

One of the first things you are trying to do is let the kids know there are areas where you can achieve certain goals from the special teams. Obviously, skilled players want to be on special teams. They want to reach football. But the question is how to call the interests of the other players for the special team who do not reach the football? How do you keep the left hand tackle with the curious team? A special team player for the year we won a prize based on a point system. We went out and got the biggest trophy. About three feet tall. We wanted to get the biggest and safest trophy. We wanted the players to see the trophy daily. The trophy was about $ 100. The confusion was ours from the fact that we saw our children changed their attitude on how to win the special teams of the year. If you want to emphasize something, you have to give the players a carrot and we did this with the trophy.

In our team, we have three distinct goals and goals are presented in the form of banners. Banners are 12 feet wide, eight feet tall. They stand out in the team's room. When you join our team, you are clear that you have special teamwork, the objectives of our offensive team and the goals of our defense team.

Let me go for the purpose of our special team


Better than the average, kickoff as opponent

Score more accurate net worth than opponent

Score or Point

and the ball on the 50-yard line

Never give the opponent the ball on the 50-yard line

Perfect execution on holders, pimples and ball protection

At least one snippet, block, kickback recovery, turnover, regain traffic within the 10 yards line, 60 yards of field change

No penalty

Win the hidden yard game – kickoff – kickoff return – punt-punt back

win. This is our first goal. The reason we try to keep numbers off the net punt average is the fact that there are so many obstacles that will not allow us to reach these goals.

If someone catches the ball in the final zone, or there is a penalty after kicking out the number of opponents better kickoffs. What we want is the average. The same goes for those who have a better control over our opponent.

If you break the movie, you will find the special teams that have created a lot of points. And many times the coaches do not even talk about this point. You will not build up credit for the special teams. You usually lose it.

On the plus 50 yard line, we want to give the ball at least one time to the crime.

There are many ways to do this. It may be a point, pressure or any kickoffs. We want our children to understand what we want in this respect

When we evaluated the numbers as a target, for example, the 25-yard line or the ball returned 25 yards, they will not remember

Second, we do not want our opponent ball next to.

Every special team game requires perfect execution.

We want at least one breaker.

The only point we think is big is to drop a point within a 10-yard line. For us, it's a gameplay. If you do the work you're in, you probably set up a score or get into the potential scoring position.

These are all great goals. But one goal is to work more than any other, the last goal: to win the hidden yardage game.

Let me categorize the hidden yardage. Here we talk about kickoff, kickoff returns, punts and punt returns. [25] We use the 25-yard line at the return of the kickoff and the 35-yard net on the penalties and calculate the yards. Let me give you an example. If there is a team that kickes the ball at the final zone, it means we're starting the ball from the 20-yard line. This means that in spite of our opponent we are in less than 5 meters of hidden yard. By contrast, if we had an expropriation that we returned to the 50-yard line, then a hidden yard would have a plus 25 meters.

We're doing the same thing with the rifles. The magical number is used 35.

If there was a 50 meter point, then 15 yards would be in the hidden yardage.

If you follow these hidden yards, you will find a difference between victory and loss.

These numbers will come to the right as some other numbers you can throw at the players when your goals arise. You want to make sure players leave the meeting to know what hidden yardage is. If you can understand players to understand hidden yardage, you will win many battles.

We want to add competitive targets to the special teams, so we created a point production table.

on the chart team points and individual points. We feel it is important for a particular team to get a chance to score points on special teams.

Their long foal got four awards this year. Left-side defense was the top three in the special team prize. So we give team points for punt and extra points as well as for each point. If you do not do this, qualified players will be awarded a prize



Blocking Blocked

Blocking a Kick

Restoring Restore Restore [19659002] Successful Counterfeit [19659002] TEAM POINTS (3)

Turns a fake

One point on the 10-yard line


Returns Kickoff plus 30 yards


19659002] 60 yard on-site change


Purpose of the winning game

15 or more games involved



Tackle [19659002

Exceptional Effort

4.0 Hang-Time Kickoff or Touchback

4.5 Hand Time with Point or 40-Yard Network with Fair Grip


Assisted tackle


The coach responsible for the team shares the movie. There is some flexibility in the system and what is minus points. If you receive a penalty, you will have less than 5 points. Less than 5 points for each missed assignment. The kids will see the table on Sunday. This is the first thing we talk about at our team meeting.

What's the chart in our team. You can see how we show players every week. Each player is on the left side of the map. We qualify the movie and give players the points they earn in each area. On the left side of the diagram are the points of the team and the right points of the diagram are the individual points. On the chart, from the outside, to the right, is the total point of the players for the last game.

I think it's important for this information to appear in the locker room so that the kids can see how the special teams are graded. We are trying to get this team for some property. This diagram helps you to shape your case for special teams.

There is another diagram where we keep running every game. Every week, kids can see where they are on the board. They may meet at the meeting knowing they have gained points from the last game or they knew they lost a certain number of points. We think the chart is good because kids can see where they stand each other.

This system really works for us. Our kids are motivated every week to win the trophy of special teams!

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