Chelsea Soccer

Chelsea football is a great part of European football fans. This is primarily because Chelsea Football Club was a key team in European competitions. This football team is based on West London and was created more than a hundred years ago. It was the success of the years and continues to be the best competitor in the Premier League. He achieved four FA Cups, three championship titles, two UEFA Cup winners and four championship cups. At Chelsea many players came and went, but the spirit of the respected team continued to exist.

The Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, purchased the Chelsea football club from Ken Bates in June 2003. The reported amount of the purchase was £ 140m, which was the most expensive sale in the history of English football at that time. The club coach at that time, the Italian Claudion Raniers, who took Chelsea to the 2002 FA Cup Finals and the Champions League qualifying, was initially retained but later dismissed as unable to defeat the team. Portugal's successful coach Jose Mourinho took over the new Chelsea leader.

The famous football team is home to the Stamford Bridge football stadium, located in Fulham, West London. Chelsea players wear royal blues shirts in white socks. The club's traditional symbol is a lion that holds staff but has been modified in 2005.

Loyal fans simply do not qualify for Chelsea football. The game of the club is won by the infinite and powerful will. Playing, the team has a big chance to improve the already rich and colorful history of the game.

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