Canton Cup Soccer Tournament – Annual Canton Football Tournament

The Canton Cup Soccer Tournament is a one-year event held by many state clubs in Michigan and neighboring states. This prestigious event has been going on for years and is being run by the Canton Soccer Club. The annual competition is a fundraising activity that supports club developers' programs and presents the talents of many athletes in different communities. The aim of the competition is also to promote the world's most popular sport. The event is the venue for strengthening and unifying the various leagues and promoting active participation in sport

The event has always been supported by many community volunteers and various sectors and organizations involved in sport. Players' family members will also help prepare the event.

The Canton Cup Soccer Tournament consists of a variety of skill levels ranging from recreational and professional levels to different ages. Participating teams will have to pay the club's entry fee. They also require that teams joining the tournament should be properly registered or associated with any member of their own country.

The club is committed to providing the best opportunities and outstanding programs that help players achieve their full potential in sports and teach them to become an exemplary model of commitment, respect and sport for their community.

With the annual celebration of the competition, participating teams and family and friends will experience the thrill of sport while enjoying the many activities and recreational areas of the celebration

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