Book Summary: Essential Properties of 17 Players

Follow-up companion reader for the 17 indisputable laws

is a teamwork, here is a clear character profile of a

is an ideal Team Player. Maxwell emphasizes some of his main features

is a good team player: intentional or center of gravity

the big picture, relational, focusing on others, selfless,

who is ready for the rear seat for the benefit of the team, and

hard – working hard to overcome obstacles, whatever it is


first Adaptive: If you do not change the team, a

team can change players who are most likely to

(a) according to their characteristics:

(b) are emotionally safe;

c) are creative; and

(d) Service-minded individuals.

To achieve this feature are the following


(a) to enter the habit of learning;

(b) re-evaluate its role in the team; and c) Think

outside the lines

2. Collaboration: Joint work precedes the victory

Collaborate with the keyword when it comes

to meet the team's challenges. Only cooperation

work together with pleasant, but collaborative tools

is more aggressive. All team players

has to bring something more to the table, and not just

absolutely necessary minimum work

A collaborating team player has four

Key Areas:
(A) perception; (b) attitude; c) Focus; and d) Results

3. Committed: There is no half-boasting champion

Commitment is usually discovered in the middle

strikes. Committed people do not let you down easily.

Does not depend on gifts and abilities. Rather,

is the result of this election. Commitment lasts when it is

. If that's something you believe

To Improve Lighter Engagement:

– Commit the Value Liability

– Take Risk

– Evaluate Teammembers' Commitment [19659002] 4. Communication: The team contains many voices

One HeartCommunicative team player does not isolate

from others; make it easier for teammates

communicate with them; follow twenty-four hours

rule; pay attention to the potentially difficult situation

relationships; and keep track of important communications

in writing. To improve communication, one is expected to:

(a) be honest; (b) be rapid; and c) host.

5th Responsible: If you do not know your team does not

Competent does not mean simply skills

is doing a job. This means that the individual must be there

is highly qualified to do the job well. To improve it

competency level, then:

(a) be professionally focused on you;

b) sweat the little things;

c) Pay more attention to implementation.

6th Reliable: Teams Go Go To Players

Reliability Essence:

– Clean Motifs. If there is no hidden agenda on

team advances.

– Responsibility. The team

has to play the ball and be able to fall

the basket and score

– Loud thinking and good judgment when it counts.

– Consistent contribution, regardless of tiredness,

Overloaded or confused, you should be able to


To improve reliability: a) be checked

motifs; b) Find out what your word is; and,

c) find someone to be held accountable.

7th Discipled: Where there is a will, there is a victory

Discipleship really does what you do not really want,

to do what he really wants. it

means that we pay the price so we can get it

later. In order for the players to choose,

people need to develop discipline in three areas.

– Disguised thinking. Keep your mind in mind, and

Always think of the right things.

– Disarmed emotions. Or you're a master

emotions or master them.

– Disciplined actions. The action separates the winner

of the losers. When people do what they need to do,

is beneficial for all members of the team.

8th Enlarging

Increasing Value for Teammates Priceless

Team members love players who can inspire

to make them more successful. Team players who

– Adders value their teammates

– Adders value their teammates

– Adders add value to their teammates

– Expansions make it more valuable.

– Others may believe others before they serve them.

– Give others value before giving value to you.

Showcase the strengths of your teammates, encourage them

motivates them from their comfort zone, but from within

their gift zone.

ninth Enthusiasm: Your heart is the source of energy

to the team who are enthusiastic

teamwork often.

– Take responsibility for your own enthusiasm. The only way to get started

simply have to start!

– Believe what they are doing.

– Spend time with enthusiastic people. There is enthusiasm

is contagious.

To Improve Your Enthusiasm:

– Show an Emergency Feeling.

– Get ready for more. Intent: Every step must be counted

Intentionality means working in a vigorous way

is designed. Successful individuals will never be scattered

and random. There is a clear reason why they are

do what they do. For a team to succeed,

needs those intentional people who are centered

is productive, the kind of person who is capable of everything

action number.

eleventh Mission conscious: The big picture comes aloud

and clear. There are four features of the mission-minded team

– Players Lead the Team Leader

– They Lead the Team Leadership

I'm doing everything I need to accomplish the mission.

To improve the mission's awareness:

– Make sure your team is focusing on your mission.

– Find the quest. ] – Contribute to the best team member.

12th Prepared: Preparation is the difference

winner and loser

To be a prepared team, consider the following:

a) Evaluation; (b) coordination; c) attitude; and d) action.

To improve preparedness:

(a) be the process of thinking; b) conducts more research; and

(c) learn from your mistakes.

13th elational: If you go along with me, I'm going to be others

Teams want people who are related to each other. Find the

followed the team's relationships with: a) respect;

(b) shared experience; c) Trust; (d) reciprocity; and,

(e) mutual enjoyment

In order to better connect with his teammates: a) focus on

other than yourself; b) ask the right questions;

(c) sharing shared experiences; and d) feel like others


14th Own development: Improve your team's performance

Those who are constantly improving themselves are three

is in progress an ongoing cycle in their lives: preparation,

The contemplation and the application.

To develop independently: a)

teachable; b) design development; c) value

self-development over self-preservation.

15th Selfless: No "I" in the team

As a team member, how he behaves in behavior


– Be generous.

– Avoid internal politics.

– Show loyalty.

– Interdependence of Independence Independence

To be more selfless.

– Take a subordinate role.

– Let's get secret, with no other team members


16th Solution-Oriented: Create a Solution for a

solution Your personality type, education, and personality

history affects how the solution-oriented you are of course.

Anyone can become a solution-oriented. Solution-oriented

– Problems are the Issues of Perspectives

– All Problems Can be Solved

– Problems Stop or Restrain Us

To become a solution-oriented team player yourself, you

: a) Refuses to dispose of it; b) reflect on his thinking;

(c) reflect on its strategy; and d) repeat the process.

17th Tenacious: Never, never, never stop

Insistence means giving everything you have 100%

is not more than you. It has something to do with it

is determined to work, does not wait for fate.

Adorable people do not rely on luck, fate or destiny

for their success. If the circumstances become cumbersome,

are working continuously. Exit at the end of the job, no

when you're tired. Put yourself over what you think

you can.

To increase your tune: a) you are harder

smarter; b) stand for something c) consider your work to be a game

Key Ideas:

"Have more to worry about your character than

because the character is what you really are,

while its reputation is merely for the rest

are there. "

-John faiskolai basketball coach

"Although they only give gold medals

athletics, I encourage everyone

and find your own dream, whatever it is

be – sports, medicine, law, business, music, writing,

anything. The same principles apply. Transform your dream

aim and learn to attack this goal

systematically. Break into bomb-sized pieces

and do not give up. Just keep the plug away. "

– John Naber, floating four-time Olympic gold medal

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