Blind Side Head Coach gets the dream job

Will you ever forget Sandra Bullock's constant crunch that coach Burt Cotton is the Oscar-winning film The Blind Side? The story of Michael Oher and the journey of the NFL heartwarming, and now, it's time to begin a sequel. Coach Cotton in the movie is really coach Hugh Freeze, a native Mississipian who has landed today as a dream job after being named a new football coach at Mississippi University.

Freeze, in 1992, earned his first degree in South Mississippi at the Briarcrest Christian School (the real name of Wingate's Christian School in the same year) in the same year. He was the offensive co-ordinator and defensive coach of the team before being appointed head coach in 1995. Freeze won two state titles (in 2002 and 2004) in Briarcrest, and five times for the Associated Press Coach of the Year's Region 8-AA for six times the year.

Freeze follows the sinister offensive line-up, Oher, Mississippi, where he became assistant to football sports affairs in 2005. The next season he will have limited goals and recruiting coordinators, holding posts until 2007 when Ed Edmund Orgon was released. In 2008, Freeze found himself at NAIA Lambuth University (TN), where he had 20-5 in two seasons, including a 11-0 perfect season in 2009. The school went to playoff at the age of 11, -1 and the sixth place in the NAIA.

In 2010, Freeze joined Coach Coordinator at Arkansas State coaching staff and after Steve Roberts resigned at the end of the season, Freeze was named as the new head coach. The Red Wolves continued against the powerful spread of Freeze, but surprisingly they were very good at defending, the 15th place in the country was 19.3 points for the defense.

The freeze inherits a team that has not won a SEC game this year, 0-8 in a conference and a total of 2-10, one of the wins FCS (former Div. I-AA) in South Illinois. At the bottom of the FBS, with a multi-category defense and a crime that is not much better, the task ahead is huge, but Freeze won it everywhere. He occupied his staff, and allegedly Grant Heard and his defender Chris Kiffin will follow him from Arkansas to their new house at Ole Miss.

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