Best Players in Football Manager 2010

With the release of Football Manager 2010 on the PC, men everywhere from all over the world have once again insisted on the computer screen as they try to bring the football club with them. One of the most exciting and promising things you can do in Football Manager is to find a great young player (promising "young players" are usually less than 20 years old), preparing and turning him into a world hunter.

This is easier said than done, as finding young people with great potential is often very difficult. Fortunately, I've compiled a list of the best young players:

Romelo Lukaku – Belgian club plays for Anderlecht, Lukaku is only 16 at the beginning of the game, but is signaling a world-class striker. You can buy less than £ 1.5 million and definitely sign it.

Mario Balotelli – A Super Mario & # 39; the fans of Inter Milan, Balotelli is an exceptional young striker. To get your signature, you have to pay around £ 30 million at the beginning of the game, so you often try to sign up for cheaper players for small clubs.

Nicolas Otamendi – One of the best young defenders in the game. The Otemendi is approx. £ 3.5m can be bought and its speed and strength mean that you can immediately get to almost any team.

Joe Mattock – Although not the fastest player in the game and one that rarely seizes all titles, Mattock is one of the most trusted players in the game and one of the few who can develop into a real world – The class has come back (many good offensive left behind in the game, but few can protect half as Joe is).

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