Basketball Rules

The rules of basketball were created in the day when the game was played in 1891. International Basketball Rules are governed by the Technical Committee of the International Basketball Association. In most leagues, including the NBA, they govern their own rules.

The primary goal of basketball is to gain more points by placing the ball in the opposition basket, which is ten meters above the ground. After finishing the game, the team with the most points will win. Educational and high school games last for thirty minutes, the university and international games last forty minutes, women's professional games last forty minutes, men's professional games last forty-eight minutes.

Judges are administrators of basketball rules. The basketball team consists of five players. The game starts with a "jump ball" & # 39; in the center of the court where the referee throws the ball high into the air and each team's two players lurk in the middle of the court and try to steer the ball for one of his teammates.

According to the rules of basketball, the ball team plays the compensation, and the opposition provides protection, protecting the basket. The attacking team has a specific time, usually thirty-five seconds when the ball is placed in the opposition basket. The player holding the ball can not run or walk with the ball without dribbling (bouncing ball to the ground). If the player stops, the ball must be rolled or shot or another player must touch before the original player can regain the ball.

Basketball rules have two points for scoring points; the first is that a basket that is 2 or 3 points, depending on the distance of the shot. The second way is to get a bad shot or a free throw that is awarded to a player when the opposition commits a personal foul or technical foul. Possession of the ball alternates when attacking scores or when defense is successful in the ball. When the offensive team misses the shot, the ball is free and each player has an equal chance of recovering the ball called a retraction.

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