Baseball Tips for Rookie Coaches – So you're the new baseball coach?

So you're the new coach. Okay, now what?

Team training seemed a good idea, maybe even simple … as long as he began to think and go deeper. All these players, parents, drafts, exercises … and the decisions of the game … ugh.

Maybe 3rd Base Coach might not be easy …


1. rule – Relax, it will work!

Probably still turns out you're good at it.

How do I know? Why should I think that?

Well, first you're looking for information. Websites such as ours, with articles like ours, are sure to try the least, instead of sitting in your hands, frowning and sometimes relying on the Little League experience. And since … Rule # 2 – You're going to organize …

And yes, you have time to do it. Actually, there is an article that you are strongly urged to read. It is about how to organize the team and itself, and its title is "Design for Success".

Please complete this article before skip it (I'll paste this link at the end of this article).

Rule # 3 – You have fun!

Look, the more fun you have, the more fun your kids … and yes, the opposite is true.

Personally, I think some of the best things about youth baseball are for adults! I think these are the worst ones of youth baseball. I mean, because when we're older … forget about how to entertain and play. Life does this for us. Here we try to solve problems on a baseball field like work … UGH!

We're tight, kids tight. We say bad things in the ditch … Well, you get the picture …

Let's go on (This lesson or hit the mark or not).

One last thought (someone who privileges baseball for 350 days a year) …


(This was just the best game ever!)

4. rule – Every player is here!

If you're in the game for any reason other than the kids … everyone from them …

NOW AVAILABLE! (This was initialed and stolen by a Gordie Gillespie, the most prestigious coach in the winning baseball history! It's totally right!)

You're going to have more pleasure with this attitude than you can imagine!

Any player who does not share his last name is not here for entertainment and support for you and your son. (You probably saw this happening).

Training your own baby is really a trick.

I hope you will really enjoy it (though you can test your courage). But I can assure you that a whole team of kids can really give you an idea of ​​how good a coach and person can or may be!

Personally, I can say that the early effects of my youth trainers have been stamped unmistakably … It is so important that you

5. Rule – Winning is important … Not all.

I've decided something for many years.

Take this to be worthwhile …

Less than 10 years of age understand the concept of victory!

Half an eleven years understood the concept of victory!

Almost all 12-year-olds understand the concept of victory!

all? All? I do not think I will not involve all the players in a 9-year-old team who travels in the country for many "World Series" competitors (how many worlds are there).

These teams and families have adopted a lifestyle. This language was at the table. Probably an exception rather than a rule.

You simply need to strengthen the competitiveness of your championship and team.

6th Rule – You Will Be A Boredom Police

Are You Looking For A Great Way To Make A Perfect Baseball Player For A Footballer? (God forbid) … BORE HIM!

A young boy starts the day by opening his eyes for the first time … "HEY, WHAT YOU DO!"

And do we dare to endure them? Do not forget my comment on our tendency to solve baseball problems as in the office?

They're kids. This is a game … and the games are fun …


7th Rule – Ask the other parents for help.

Women are right … Men do not seek direction. We must be solid and have all the answers … yada, yada!

Personally, I've never had a coach after a game and ask me something about why or why I played the situation I did! I never think!

WHY? Because it's baseball … and we're guys. We played a small league (20-30 years). Let's see Pro Baseball on TV … UGH. What a bad idea to try to teach a group of kids to play the same way as the biggest players in the game.

So we're not asking … and it's cheating on our kids.


For information such as reading articles, videos, books, etc. out of video and book library?) …

Why not include and accept parents?

Parents have only a 10-minute meeting after one of their first practices.

Know who you are and how you think about the season (usually)

The team's mom was worth the weight of the dozen roses that would be better to buy at the end of the season. note the father (s), hopefully a multiple number who is around the fence during the exercises. Many would like to ask for their help. They do not want to blow you, so you have to ask for it because you may not.

Some parents are better served as a note book holder than BP (hitting practice).

Another might be the most convenient to help set up the pole and put and lick the field before the games.

Yet others really want to be in the field that adults play better when they work together … and as a by-product they will all be more wealthy to actually develop relationships with newly-found friends.

WARNING: There is a rule I highly recommend …

You're the coach, they're the team's parents.

One guy's the last sentence so. You, the coach!

This is a non-lobbying area, disputes are out of the reach of children and the management's action and decisions (you) are final. No politics, only his honest decisions … the coach!

Note: Baseball is the world's biggest game for second guessing!

The last most important suggestion for communication:

is the parent's email address and use them on two things:

Communication – Communication – Communication. Not necessarily lengthy, just common.

Subscribe to the parents of all the players (and maybe the players if they are a little older) at the Baseball Tips newsletter. It can be read twice a month. We do not rent or sell their names, and we want to have only 14,680 (most recent) baseball families with some savagery and fun.

Of course, they can easily cancel us if they decide. (Add them separately: the registration box is just below the logo on the home page.)

Rule # 8 – good teams practice well!

Each league is different. Some limit the exercise time. Others have limited areas. Some coaches also have limited time. OUT OF PLAN!

Design tomorrow's practice today. Plan next week, this week.

Planning is the operational word. I do not think the drill could last more than 20 minutes! (OK, except for BP – more about this later).


If you keep the watch, your blood will be even bigger. Even more than, "OK, another 10 minutes, we'll do it well. Take the pace … Okay, another 5 minutes … Continue …" … you get the idea.

And getting more enjoyable!

Blood pumps, kids focus. Do not forget to customize the player's age and abilities.


Teach me something new about each exercise.

What's important is to check and drill a certain exercise you've been taught in a past 20-minute segment.

Quality repetitions are vital and incredibly important!

Too many coaches will teach you a bit of skill and will learn it again next season; once a year … whether it is necessary or not! If you think this is the opposite, you will never do it … or you will not do it again.


There are more throttle errors than field errors!

It may not be right and not my opinion … In fact!

Teach the right throws and work on weapons in every practice.

Keep them constantly in the finish or finish.

(The exception will be when a pitcher is teaching a new course.) It starts off from the tarpaulin, the net, or the fence. The argument is that accuracy will not be as good as you learn a skill like a new track. Accuracy will follow the proper mechanics and avoid unnecessary vibrations.


We prefer to do something that players need to use with oxygen. Allow them to hang their tongues. I started learning it many years after training.

Many players say baseball is boring … so they leave the sport very soon. These kids … and kids want to run, play, compete, run races, find bullets, and so on. You know … fun stuff.

Well, drills can be tedious if that's all the practice. But the drills are very important, vital to improving the success and success of the players and the team … or not!

But do not forget the fun aspects and the most important reason that most children play. (Balls, not balls, right?)

Be creative!

Here are some ideas. (Do not limit yourself to this, do you have it?)

RelayRevals – ½ teams on the home plate and ½ in the second base with hats at the back. 1 simple relay race. Then 1 race back, then 1 final race to all balls, running sideways (or corner to corner holes like basketball teams …. there may be some better version.)

Bullet The Trash Can – Find a trash can barrel from the ditch or practice area and put the home plate on its side. Now take your team to a distance where most players can score at least one jumping or two.

Now drop a short flying ball where they can do it as if they were midfielders who threw the runner at home. They are, uh, and enjoy throwing it close by (there's always a lot of them). I do not know why, but I really like this … Go Image!

Home Run Derby – Find a place where a team of approximately ½ or more teams can reach one on the fence and each player 3 Soft throws, also known as flip drills, the drill that is automated by our automated Wheeler Dealer see our training aids if you're still uncertain about how to do this.) Take a second round and then a final. Perhaps the player who comes to the second goes to all the homers.

Basketball Game – If you have a yard or a wheel nearby, simply create a hidden basketball and then divide them into a team. The appearance of a 10 minute game. View! Totally unexpected … and a lot of fun

Water balloon throwing – Choose a hot day and fill in the full baseball wet balloons (make sure that small balloons start to stay). Connect them to the rows (such as when their arms are warmed up), players 6 to 8 feet apart, and a partner who is in a row on the balloon.


any bullet you can hold with both hands must be captured with both hands. In addition, show that the two fingers of the two hands are parallel and parallel with their hands parallel and below the waist.


Explain that each leg should have a soft hand. This begins when both arms are pulled (the elbow is not hooked) and then towards the body as the underdrive throws itself toward. Water balloons should pay particular attention to the soft hand to prevent fracture.


By the coaches command …

The player throws his partner from below, catching and holding the balloon. Your partner will then be returned to your partner.

After 2-4 rounds, teams with a full balloon are 2 meters apart.


Then there are 2 steps apart!

Go on while there is no winner.

If you win, your coaches are producing so many extra full balls as coaches and the winning team "explodes the coaches". Yes, turn the coach … and use typical precautionary measures as boys will be boys. (Now tell me that 10 or 20 years later do not remember them fun!)

This is not just about baseball … but it's all fun!

Thanks for reading

Now lucky this season

Now come and have some fun!

—- Coach JP

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