Barcelona FC – the most famous football team on the planet?

With the enthusiastic fan base – the so-called culés – and a motto that states "El Barca and the middle que un club", Barcelona FC has much to do to meet its reputation. Certainly, however, we can say that Barca – as mentioned above all by football fans – is today the most successful football team in the world. With the rich history of the 1899s and the success stories scattered by many other clubs, Barcelona FC offers football teammates a list of the top points of the game, a consistent excellence and excitement level that is unmatched in fact by all other great sports teams in the world.

A tradition of excellence

The Barcelona Football Club was founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper and a group of Spanish, Swiss and English men. Nearly immediately, Barcelona FC was one of the football clubs in Spain; he was the least able to start the attention. Despite this early success, the club had almost collapsed early; In 1908, Gamper took over the president and helped the club head towards success. Under his leadership, Barcelona FC secured its first stadium and had several impressive victories.

Surviving the thick and thin

In the twenty-first century, it was confused and among the many key victories the Barcelona FC faced the Spanish Civil War and two world wars. However, Barcelona FC came out on the other side with a truly fantastic team. By signing the Dutch phenomenon Johan Cruyff in 1973, Barcelona FC rose to unprecedented heights. Since then, the club is essentially unstoppable. Starred stars – including Maradona, Lineker, Figo, Stoitchkov and Rivaldo – all participated in creating the most passionate fans of football.

Strong evidence of success

Barcelona FC has enjoyed a number of lightning-fast wins and a long line of high-profile players as well as virtually any other football club in the world. Barcelona hotels quickly occupy a team of 98,000 players in Camp Nou. The International Federation of Football History and Statistics called the club the most widespread as the statistics were kept. No wonder Barcelona hotels charge when the team plays, taking into account UEFA ranking first and many other key results.

Dive in Barcelona FC Pride Firsthand

Barcelona FC's enthralling fans – and millions of them – can enjoy the club's glory by visiting the Club Nou and visiting the venue. Reservation hotels in Barcelona guests can reach the largest stadium in Europe and enjoy one of two different local government tours. An impressive museum about prizes, where fans can observe the club's many trophies from close up and in person. If you want to see all this for yourself, book hotels in Barcelona and plan an excursion to the football team's most advanced team.

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