Arsenal Football – A Success Story

The Arsenal Soccer Club started as a small club in the Dale River in New Jersey. The club grew by about 50 teams. Formerly called the Pascack Valley Club, later Arsenal. The football team now includes New Jersey and New York players from various counties.

The goal of the Arsenal Football Club is to provide the right football training each year. The club recognizes boys and girls as team members in North New Jersey. The club ensures that all members get equal opportunities in sports and with the right training and education. The club is committed to creating a competitive environment that will enable our players to become outstanding players and at the same time become a good citizen of the community.

The football club's commitment and hard work have created world-class players like Alecko Eskandarian, now a member of Major League Soccer DC United. Alecko was also called MVP when he led DC United in the MLS in 2004. Another Lizzie Reed, who is also a former World Class player. Former member of another member: Danny Szatela, who is currently playing at Major League Soccer at Columbus Crew. With these results, the club is proud to be part of these successful players' lives.

The club continues to develop future professional players for international races worldwide. They continue to develop education and training programs aimed at achieving the goals of the members.

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