American football in Europe offers players and coaches a great opportunity for football and travel

Most North American people would be surprised to discover that American football is booming all over the world, especially in Europe. For football coaches and travelers, Europe is a great opportunity for American football leagues almost everywhere. Although NFL Europe broke up three years ago, interest in the game continued to grow in the league matches in countries such as Germany, between 20,000 and 30,000 fans.

In fact, there are over 750 US football teams in 28 countries, from France and Italy to Hungary and Serbia. Each has at least three football clubs, averaging eight teams. Basically, you will not find a country in Europe that does not have an American Football League.

Last fall, Jonathan Koidis was about to complete his bachelor's degree and his Canadian college career at Queens University. the Queen's University Gaels. The team continued to win the Vanier Cup, the Canadian dormitory championship title, and did not want Jon to want to play for another two or three years. He signed up for Europlayers ( and had some offers shortly before. Switzerland has chosen the Renegades of Zurich in the Swiss first class.

"The team moved to one of the most beautiful cities I've seen in February," says Koidis. "The arrangement of housing, transportation and all other solutions, and in March, we have come to practice, the season ends at the end of July, but what a great experience I never expected was football in Europe."

The game's caliber varies from country to country, sometimes from season to year. Import rules may also change. For example, Germany allows for more imports (divided between North American and European imports) in the contacts and in the area. Seasons change from country to country. For example, the Belgian season will end in late May, while Finland will start playing the game.

However, coaches do not have to worry about import rules and more and more ex-pro, college and high school football coaches discover the challenge and experience of coaching in Europe.

In Texas, Brian Gaylor is the Lubeck seal of the German fourth division for the first year. "A good friend who is now a coach in Sweden has offered me the adventure of the European coach," says Galyor. "I registered on the Europlayers website and I offered the seals within a short time, and I felt very well and stayed for two to three years."

For coaches and players, the plan is simple. Register for Europlayers, follow the instructions in the "Using Europards" section. The page makes it easy.

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