AFC Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon is an English semi-professional football club located in the UK. Associated with the London Football Association and the Surrey Football Association. Although its current home is located in Kingsmeadow, located in the neighboring Kingston upon Thames, London, the club follows its London based Wimbledon headquarters in Merton, London. The whimsical fans and fans continue to believe and believe that continuing the soul of the Wimbledon's old center and the Wimbledon football club will survive. The club is nicknamed The Dons, The Wombles and The Crazy Gang. .

The decision of the sports governing body to move the club to another city and decide that it can not afford proud and colorful history with only the prospective, loyal and enthusiastic supporters of Wimbledon Football Club officially announced in 2002 organized AFC Wimbledon. There were no other options because there were no teams left in the coming season. In the 2002-2003 season, a competitive soccer team was formed only in a short time. In his first game as a team, he played a pre-season friendly game against Sutton United. Although lost the game, he was able to record a record number of fans.

Terry Eames, as his first manager, AFC Wimbledon competed in the 2002-2003 season of the association's championship. He started slowly, the team gradually became strong at the end and continued third in the league. This was the beginning of the new club for fame and glory. The next campaign, the 2003-2004 season, was more exciting and memorable, as the team featured remarkable achievements, which came out as champions and clear cards. This performance brought a record at AFC at Wimbledon at that time as the only football team in England had the perfect championship record for losses at the tournament level in each league. The team won several new races, a new manager, Dave Anderson, the second.

Once the club became famous, the management saw the need to extend its program to provide the club with opportunities for other sectors to play football. He organized youth teams of different ages and a women's team at AFC Wimbledon Ladies. Because of the popularity of the club and the game, AFC Wimbledon was sponsored by Sports Interactive, a computer game developer. But in the middle of 2004-2005, the team played under the new name Milton Keynes Dons. His name was named Milton Keynes in Bukinghamshire, where former Wimbledon football club moved years ago. The time has come when the team has to find mistakes in their campaigns, but it's part of the game. Terry Brown, the third and current manager of the club, arrived in 2007, and the team regained its winning streaks, and with continued thrust, won more games and races along the way.

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