Advantage and Disadvantage of Playing Select Soccer (U-13 and U-14)

Most children who choose the U-13 have only been playing for one or three years at the academy or on the development level (unlike "rec"). The Academy team often plays eight sides on the side, though many are on the eleven in the spring season, waiting for the U-13 level rehearsals.

The level of the game becomes more intense as skills and competition rise. In most states, the levels are being introduced for the first time (Athena for girls, Classic for boys, for example).

Usually, they match in grades 7 and 8, players and families need to re-evaluate the role of football in their lives (and in calendars).

PROS: Selected Football (U-13 and U-14)

  • Increased prestige in team selection.
  • Intense training in the sport, experienced coaches.
  • Opportunity to meet players from various high schools – who can become your extramurrant rival?
  • Several trips to the subway area or the state for weekend games.
  • Creating a sense of responsibility and self-discipline can be developed.
  • Players (and their opponents) are even more competitive than at the academic level.
  • There are several options for parent-child interaction during driving time.
  • Races are more likely to be projected, especially at the highest level.

CONS: Choose Football (U-13 and U-14)

  • Harder Trial Process: Individual teams within a particular program / club.
  • You may need to change clubs if the club does not have a level that matches yours.
  • You are less likely to have neighborhood or school friends on the team.
  • It does not always guarantee gaming time; this may seem unfair.
  • Frequent driving times for exercise can be seriously reduced to homework.
  • If there is not one person to fill the armchair, time away from home may be a burden for parents.
  • Costs can be reduced to family allowances for vacations or camps.
  • Coaches may need to play in an indoor league in the winter.
  • Time can force you to resign from music or other hobbies.
  • Out-of-town tournaments will be further out of the team's performance.

Commitment to classical or Athena-level football is a great thing: family time, money, timetables and vacations.

Adolescents need to be helped in their decision to pursue sport and have to understand what they can give, such as the weekend at church and social events.

On the other hand, athletes intending to play high school students usually have to play football (or very high intensity) in high school years. (High school football does not require enough to prepare players for high school.)

Classic or Athena football in U-13 and U-14 does not guarantee the starting position of the JV team, but the most serious players do the JV (or Freshman) team.

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