64 Ways Volleyball Players Know They Hang On

"You know you're volleyball when …" – Every volleyball player.

This is a compilation of different sources when you know that you are volleyball.

Do you know how you play ball games when …

1. You think everyone has to wear spandex

. When someone says that "shag" is the first thing you think is volleyball.

3rd If you are taller than most classes. Or if you're not, and people are curious to play volleyball when you're not 6 & # 11;

4th When the words "external", "middle" and "right / weak side" mean the world to you

. When you find that your thigh is no longer fit into your jeans

6. You can probably beat anyone in the wall.

7th When you throw a ball into your face, you set it, hand it over or hit it. Or gently blow your arm.

8th You know what freedom is / does not.

ninth There are several knee pads.

10th You are angry when someone says that volleyball is not a difficult sport.

eleventh You have at least one inch named "volleyball", "hit" or a volleyball drawing on it.

12th You know how to grab yourself.

13th You know why a ankle boot is needed.

14th There are injuries on the knees, elbows, ankles, neck, shoulders, back, head, etc.

15th You have perfected volleyball.

16th You tried the basketball. And a lot easier than throwing a ball into a basketball game

. You know a pancake is more than just eating.

18th You think TV has to show more volleyball than any other sport.

19th They asked him why the volleyball players wear the spandex

. You know the vertical one, and I always hope it's somehow bigger.

21st At least one ball found his face.

22nd You were a volleyball camp. Often.

23rd You know who the Misty May.

24th You know the table as the back of your hand.

25th You have to admit that you like "ACE!" cheers.

26th If you see volleyball you have to get it.

27th There were knee problems at one point in life.

28th You know what these "other" rows are in the gym.

29th You do not throw balls, stroking your hands with your hands.

30th You have a pair of "volleyball" shoes.

31st You know what 4-2, 6-2, and 5-1 are.

32nd You have muscles where you did not think about the existence of muscles

33. You're not afraid to fall.

34th You've seen the movie "All You Got" and wanted to tell the director how bad he was.

35th You see high people and you think it's a "big volleyball player".

36th If you know you would shave your armor before a game … and it's a big deal when you forgot the other guy's blockbuster.

37th You get lots of gas pipes in the races.

38th You're in the Volleyball Club.

39th You can not really run … but you know hell can sprint.

40th You laugh at trying other people to play volleyball.

41st You're very nervous when you play volleyball.

42nd Volleyball is more important than anything you have to do.

43rd There are permanent combustion signals.

44th You wanted to jog your coach at once. AND / OR your coach wanted to shoot at some point.

45th Two words: GET LOW

46. You know what the "auxiliary" means. Or no, but you're screaming differently.

47th You think it's normal that the ball has deliberately hit your face

48. When you go to a hit, you've forgotten the ball in your life at least once.

49th Several times he drifted into wall, pole, man, and fluffy …

50. The gym (or P.E.) volleyball is not volleyball. Finally, you shout everyone because they are doing badly.

51st You can put your hand on a volleyball net and tell someone how close you are to the height as it should be.

52nd You tried the basketball or you set up the basketball and you got lucky.

53rd The knees smell after the game.

54th When the spandex / leggings became fashionable, you were like "I've always worn them".

55th Why is NBA, NFL, NHL, but there is no NVL?

56th There is always a person who wants to overlay the face on the enemy team.

57th You hate clips and metal hair accessories are banned. Wearing the oh-so-trendy headband is not fun. And it slip in the middle of intensive meetings.

58th You answer in public.

59th Never get up. You're shooting.

60th You can easily recall skin slipping in the recently laid-back yard. And that's still trying.

61st In the middle of a powerful rally he caught the ball, as he thought the referee blew his whistle … just to find out that the whistle came from the yard next to him. He tries to intimidate the other team during the warm-up.

63rd Half the size of the game was half filled with the tiny little spandex because it climbed so much.

64th You use more than your hair (in multiple colors) than your injuries.

And remember, hard work beat talent when talent is unable to work hard

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