"5th to 5th" – The continuous development cycle of the five steps

In the "5/5" of basketball, the key to success is to team together, exploit the strengths of individual players and re-elaborate the coach's procedure. As the process is repeatedly repeated over the course of the season, the really great teams carry out "chemical development", which is invisible and can not be determined, but which is beneficial for the team in the race and leads to success. 19659002] The same is true in the business world for companies that want to improve and succeed. A business team must work together, use the strengths of each team member, and repeat the process. The next continuous cycle of development continues to lead to new "chemistry" within the organization to improve culture continuously.

"5 for 5" Continuous Development Cycle in Step 5


1. Determine the target process

2. Organization development team

3. Describe your questions, concerns, or opportunities.

4. Collect your current performance data

5. Create a Process Map

Identify it

1. Describe the customers and suppliers of the process

2. Define process inputs and outputs

3. Identification of waste and value-added activities

4. Define the process requirements

5. List the list of possible enhancements


1. Set the desired performance targets

2. Emphasizing potential solutions

3. Definition of selection criteria

4. Choose the best solution

5. Determine the desired process


1. Developing an Action Plan

2. Development of development performance indicators

3. Solution (s)

4. Examine the changes

5. Implementation of the Action Plan

Rate it

1. Measure progress according to the Action Plan

2. Compare the results to your desired performance goals

3. Permanent feedback is required

4. Determine the necessary corrective measures

5. Repeat the cycle to determine new options

The most important factor is to successfully use this process, the last step – to go back to the beginning and search for new opportunities. Without it being a one-time change, it is not a continuous improvement. Too often, companies declare victory when the change is over and sit back to the new status quo to set it up, not to look at another look to find more opportunities. If this cycle is formally reused over and over again as problems or opportunities are dealt with in the organization, the original use of the cycle will occur as people will have access to it and the organization's culture will begin to incorporate ongoing development. This evolving chemistry, which is evolving, invisible and unmistakable, but gives the organization an advantage to be successful against itself and against competition.

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