5 Ways Commissioners Can Increase Your Entertainment and Focus on Fantasy Football Leagues

As a fan of the fantasy football championship, it is your job to make sure that people play fairly and comfortably while playing the game while they entertain it. There are a few scenarios that really turn to me when they make fantasy and let them be sour at the end of the season. First of all, I can not stop when people forget or just deny denial, log in every week and set up their predecessors. Simple victory is easy and I do not have any satisfaction. Another thing that is confusing as a payer, mainly because of the heart, sees people who really focus, research, take great steps on the resignation line, and only find short term suits in the season.

over the years I've been trying to beat my league as much as possible for a few reasons; to attract new and interested players and to keep the emphasis seven to seven. I've made a tiny list of things I'm doing to help keep those interested in keeping them from signing up for seven to seven weeks. first King of the Mountain (KoTH) – Side games are a great way to concentrate on the league players. KoTH is a fun game where the champions choose a game and predict the winner of the game. As long as the player has chosen it correctly, he will proceed. The catch is that every player can choose only one team to win a game during the season. If Patriots play the Broncos and I choose the Patriots to win this game, I can not recruit the Patriots every season.

2. Weekly Challenge – This can be a wide-ranging topic or scenario, actually as creator as a payer. I like to set up challenges that are simple but pay every week. The idea of ​​the challenge is as basic as "Which Kicker Will Be the Highest Fantasy Point of the Week?" or narrow it down a bit and let this be "Which Kicker is kicking most of the Fields?"

3. Pick – Another idea is the side game on a Pick & # 39; em board where players predict the outcome of each game throughout the season. Each victory can reach 1 point and runs until the end of the season until the end of the race. You can also choose a separate play-off.

4. Bounties – A great way to focus and play people is to encourage people to track bounties. Bounty is a selection of examples that can make money or just be entertaining. The bounty can be "QB for the longest touchdown pass" or "TE for most touchdowns". This is different from the Weekly Challenges, as they run throughout the season, not just for a week.

5. Credits / Loads – This is the most aggressive fantasy championships. This is a method I like to use in higher paid tournaments to really keep my members' attention. It may be a belief that if someone goes in, maybe he or she gives a point or two at the end of the week, or they pay me a sum of money in my case. The burden will be when someone does not log in a week and loses points or money because he does not do so. In case you're curious, most websites have a way to log in when people log in to their fantasy team. I like to give everyone a $ 5 starting box and add or subtract them if needed. This really encourages everyone to listen and concentrate.

This is just a few ideas I like to use and everyone can be expanded to fit the game style of your league. "But Nate, I do not like football and I'm just playing Fantasy Baseball!" All right, I say. You can make these ideas to fit any other fantasy style game. You can do the King of the Mound for baseball, and you can choose a single winner a week. For basketball, you can do a Hoops Pick & # 39; Em.

If you think it is difficult for members of the tournament to pay for these extra fees, they will coordinate their league sign-up fee to raise money that can put different pots on these ideas (ie $ 50 to sign up for $ 5 Pick & 39th prize, $ 5 weekly challenge fee, $ 40 for champion winners, something we have to keep in mind that while using money as an example, you do not have to pay for money. that it's a duty to pay to play this wonderfully awesome game.

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