5 amazing topics from Arsenal FC

Arsenal Football Club or Arsenal FC is a professional English football club in the English Premier League division. This London club joined the first club in South East England in 1893. Furthermore, since they were enrolled in the First Class 1904, the second most points were awarded. The club is considered one of Football's most successful clubs.

So these are five amazing facts you probably do not know about Arsenal FC.

  1. The club was not deliberately grounded in football
    Arsenal The FC club originally sought to mourn the 1886th victim of the Satanic cult. The club was actually founded by a secret society. However, the club's official statement was not announced before 1886.
  2. The Spooky Stadium
    Before sharing continents in ancient times, North London is believed to be the home of the earliest Indigenous Americans. In addition, many of the ancient Indians were found dead under the stadium.
  3. Bin Laden was a tough attacker
    You're surprised to hear that Bin Laden, the founder of Al-Qaeda, is actually a normal term of Arsenal FC. They also believed they participated in Arsenal's many great games. After revealing the unknown fact, the club finally decided to ban Bin Laden to attend the Highbury Stadium, which was the former official stadium of the Arsenal Football Club.
  4. The Gold Premier League Trophy
    The 2003-2004 Premier League season is perhaps the most memorable season for the entire football fan in the world. Arsenal has successfully won the Premier League title without losing one match in 38 games. However, Arsenal FC captured the record of 26 victories and 12 invitations. The club has given the only Golden Premier League trophy to the FA. So far, no English football club has ever admitted this record. The club's longest unbeaten success was 49 matches until the controversial punishment of Ruud van Nistelrooy ended the record. Since then, there has been a lot of rivalry between the two clubs.
  5. The only and only English team they have not yet taken
    The Arsenal Football Club was finally launched in 1919 in the first division. Since then, the club has never been released. Probably the only team in the history of the Premier League will not change its position. The team has been in the top football football since 1919-1920.

So these are the best on Arsenal FC .

Another conscientious fact is the current stadium, Emirates Stadium is the second largest stadium in England after Old Trafford of Manchester Untied. This stadium has a total capacity of 60,432, while Old Trafford in Manchester United Stadium is less than 75,635.

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