4 Reasons Individual awards (UEFA "Ballon D" or "FIFA" The Best) are to be scrapped in football

Award for Ballon, UEFA and France Football, while "The Best" award is chosen by FIFA as the ethical challenge of the world's most popular sports. Although prestigious as it is degenerate, both prizes are tangible fees paid by writers and experts (confederal administrators, coaches, football team captains, fans, etc.) who have taken opinions and votes. At present, both prizes have been replaced as exotic for the first time since the post, as no one represents both prizes toxic and political as in the past decade. Comparison of football matches in football soccer (for these rewards) is a criminal's delight for the fans. Like most sports events, fans are always rooted for their favorites – but like many others it is difficult to find a statistic that a player is more valuable than the other. The point is, teams are like machines. One part, regardless of how important it is, can not work properly with the other. Thus, the prize is just the level of adventure goal scoring, but as the manager tells you, this is probably not enough to deliver a successful football team. Comparison of footballers essentially means that commercial cards, sticker albums and fantasy soccer are so popular, but there is no place in official places. And how can we improve the current situation? The basic truth is that we do not know unless the rewards are eliminated for the following reasons:

Football is a team of sports: the football fans' football debate is fun, but in team sports where there are many leagues, such individuality it is impossible to measure it accurately. Football (as we all know) is a team of sports where eleven men compete against each other in two separate trophies or in modern times to get paid. All world football (highly talented) goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers are required to win both national and continental (19459006) continental (19459005) and continental (19459006) trophies. There is no player or position that is indispensable or greater than the other, as they all have to work together to achieve a common goal. Today's great attackers (and yes people) are probably terrible defenders and goalkeepers, and most of the big defenders and goals are terrible attackers and midfielders in the game. It does not matter that a certain group of football players are continually elevated over their team due to their position on the field. Football games are first achieved by teammates, midfielder, defenders, and second-placed players, based on the (potential) opposition goals of the same team. # 39 defenders and goals. No player will win the game single-handed, unless he plays all positions at the same time – in the penalty box in the penalty box defending and destroying the opposition's shotgun and running at the same time to reach all targets for the opposition's punishment. Most FIFA and UEFA individual prizes act brilliantly when the team is temporary and their playing style suits them, giving them freedom as no one else. Most managers are trying to fit 11 players into the best team, not the best 11 players in the team. There is some reason why world-renowned leaders such as Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have categorically disdained and cracked such individual awards in a team-based sport.

Attacks: The winners of FIFA and UEFA prizes (now and in the past) (almost always) are always players close to the opposition, such as strikers and attacking midfielders, which allow them to trust their teammates (defenders and goalkeepers) to prevent the opponent's team from scoring and winning the game. In football, it is widely known and accepted that the attack will win the games, but the defense title and the trophies. We know very few defenders and gunners in the field of play and their dirty work (so the attacking teams of the opposition are able to score the ball.) It is very unhappy that attackers pay more than defenders and goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are generally the least paid to the national football team, even if the alarm alert level is raised to the question of why someone wants to go to the goalkeeper. No one found a way to compare the value of the target with outfield players – a lot to the detriment of goals. If a goalkeeper is stopped, must he equal the goal of a striker? How should qualitative defenders influence the owner's judgment? And how do quality midfielders have to influence our promotion? It can not be denied that some players improve the overall quality and effectiveness of certain groups, but even in this case, such extraordinary players can not win anything for their honorary teams, for example, if every enemy shot fired from the goalkeeper. The beauty of modern football is such that every player (bar in goalkeeper) is minimally required to score at any time, anytime, anytime, if you like it (to a certain extent) his coach, which means that individual awards only a lot of attacking players make mistakes for their teams and for sport.

No separate criteria for awarding prizes: There are no specific criteria for certain prizes awarded by UEFA and FIFA in football competitions. Most fans and administrators do not know which tournaments – the national championships (EPL, La Liga, Serie A), the continental championships (the UEFA Champions League – as each FIFA creates an individual prize in Europe) or the FIFA World Cup – the performers will take precedence when the candidates for each of the FIFA and UEFA prizes are compiled. Although most of the nominees and prizes are for football nationals who are either champions in their home league or champions of the UEFA Champions League or champions of the world championships (in these countries these prizes are winners for clubs and countries who were not champions of domestic, continental and international Lionel Messi won the Ballon in 2010/2011 (because he scored 91 goals a year) without winning the Spanish La Liga or the Champions League with Barcelona or the World Cup with Argentina who defeated other players at least

Created Individual and Selfish Footballers: For some FIFA prizes, some players are relinquished to teamwork and effort, to play – as the fans say – to dismiss the team, such players do not care the team wins or gets lost he puts the ball in front of a team player in the right position and is awarded a free kick, penalty, corner kick in each game, even if he or she gets a poor record for such a set. This creates a case when a player wins The Ballon d or # 1 of the Year's Best Prize because he has achieved the highest number of goals in the five or six-legged football season and some fantastic prizes during the season, while his team finishes the trophy season less and finishes second best.

To sum up, you have to be based on objective criteria such as the number of goals scored (the best offensive), the number of rescuers (the best goal scorer) (best defender) etc. Even this would not make much sense because again the scoring is about the team's efforts. No one can get a team with your team. And yes, even individual goals will require the team's efforts. It is therefore unthinkable for the football governing body to award FIFA these prizes, which are devastating in the nature of the sport being regulated. FIFA does not name the beauty contest.

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