37 Activities with your family on your front terrace

We often accept a part of our home that we are going through day and day. What is that? This is the front porch. If you have a medium or large canopy, think about extending your home where you can spend time with your family. Maybe I'm wondering what to do on the porch.

I found it easy to find a lot of simple family activities that you can do on the porch of your son, daughter, spouse, mother, father, grandparent, neighbor or friend. Do not laugh when you read this list. Some activities will be more attractive to you than others. Some people can still remember when you were a kid.

Here are the first 37 things I remembered, but I did not stop. There are many other things in my article. Some of these activities are best if you have a small table on the porch. Keep in mind that weather and porch lighting affect some of these activities.

So let's go.

  1. Play a game of poker, chess, cards or any game like scrabble or monopoly. All Classics of Fun Lobby
  2. Stories tell each other loudly
  3. Listen to some mysteries on the old radio when it's dark.
  4. Write birthday cards for next month
  5. Work
  6. Read the newspaper with honey
  7. Listen to a book together, maybe a chapter at once
  8. Sit down a herb garden to pop up your luggage.
  9. 19659006] Make rope boxes from loops. Do you remember being a kid?
  10. Do a baby on the porch (you need a baby!)
  11. Learn a foreign language together.
  12. Install Ceiling Fan on the Veranda (a Great Project for a Familiar Parent to Teach An Older Child)
  13. Players, Tiddlywinks or Bullets
  14. Magic Tricks
  15. Play Keyboard or Guitar singing songs
  16. Listening to hockey, basketball, baseball or football on the radio
  17. Homework
  18. Telescope setup and identification of stars, planets and UFOs
  19. Surf the web, update your blog, respond to the forum.
  20. Talk to your phone with your grandmother or grandpa
  21. Put your heart over each other on the porch.
  22. Wearing clothes. Folding clothes do not have to be boring!
  23. We get a cool painting and we're going to go.
  24. Brainstorm ideas to capture your tornado to make it even more beautiful.
  25. Swing with a Friend
  26. Identify Birds and View Bird Watch
  27. Place a puzzle game. To Do Something That Can Be Easily Transported To The House
  28. Sort and Sort Your Recipes
  29. Make Coupons, Articles, or Pictures From Newspapers and Magazines
  30. Make a staircase with a set purchased in a store. Some colorful, sparkling gems and fonts are used to customize the stairs
  31. Build a wind sound and put it on the veranda
  32. Paint small decorative aviaries to decorate your porch
  33. Make a book club meeting on your doorstep – some dishes like lemonade, refrigerator and popcorn .
  34. Take the sketch out and outline a picture of your canopy to hang out at your home.
  35. Decorate the front door with a wreath, basket or some beautiful, bright, fresh paint. The tornado is a perfect little sky that can only be opened. This is a great place to spend your free time with love or just yourself. Even in this imaginative, high-tech world where you always entertain the television, the videos and the play boxes, sometimes the return to the basics is quite refreshing. Dream for your own reasons to spend time on your own terrace with your family. This can only improve the rest of your life.

    Get me some future articles that will do a lot more fun with you.

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